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About JKA

JKA was founded to address two market conditions often experienced by clients who contract with large retained firms: lack of concentration on middle management and lack of client personalization. JKA was created to concentrate on middle and senior management human capital and was founded on three underlying principles: results orientation, personalization, and customer service/flexibility. The firm is client-focused and flexible to meet the needs of the client.

Every search is active, and rather than relying on databases, we pursue individuals who are focused on excellence in their job and not simply pursuing alternative opportunities. Functional expertise includes director, manager, vice president, operations, regional, and general manager positions. Practice areas include health care/life sciences, financial services, industrial/manufacturing, and technology. JKA has successfully completed searches with Fortune 500 firms such as GE to smaller regional firms such as R.J. O'Brien, a futures trading firm in Chicago.

Results Orientation

JKA is a client-driven executive search firm offering personalized performance, values, and outstanding capabilities. We strive to become a strategic partner to maximize your most important asset, your people. Our process is founded on broad-ranging research efforts and up-front preparation. Through deeply targeted research we develop a target list of companies/competitors to identify and attract the most qualified talent. Throughout the search we communicate openly, share information and obtain input until the process is completed to your satisfaction and according to a timeline that matches your needs.


We understand that your company culture is unique and therefore each search is tailored to reflect the client's specific requirements and company values. The foundation of a successful search is built upon a full understanding of your business. We develop in-depth knowledge of your organization and company culture to identify individuals whose values and expectations match the strategies and culture of the organization.

Customer Service & Flexibility

We are a relationship oriented and completely customer focused firm. We believe in a collaborative process to address our client's human capital needs and structure the search and terms of agreement accordingly. As a small firm, we are flexible to the needs of the client and integrate client perspectives into the search process.